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Where are the range facilities?
The rifle range, pistol range, shotgun range, archery range and fishing pond are all located on the site of the former Hamilton, MA landfill, of which the club leases a portion from the town. The address according to Google Maps, is 500 Chebacco Road in South Hamilton, MA. Refer to our About Us page for more accurate directions to the range facilities.

How do I access the range?
Members access the ranges by entering through a locked gate on Chebacco Road in So. Hamilton. After passing through that gate, members must pass through another gated area to access our facilities.

As of early 2021, access through the second gated area will be by means of an electronic key card. Note that the Town of Hamilton may lock the Chebacco Road gate "open" to allow access to town vehicles.

When is the range open?
The range is open seven days a week, all year, Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 7PM (or dusk - whichever is earlier), and on Sundays from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. In the event of an association-sponsored competition, the Sunday hours can be extended to 9:30AM to 4:00PM.

For certain holidays, such as Easter Sunday and Memorial Day, no shooting is allowed.

Other holidays and special events such as local law enforcement training, may require temporary closure of the Rifle and Pistol ranges to all members and guests. Note that our lease with the Town of Hamilton requires that the Hamilton Police Department has access to the range for training and requalification purposes. The HWRGC Executive Board may grant access to other local law enforcement agencies and will notify members by email and/or club website of any scheduled range closures.

Are there club-sponsored shoots?
The club may sponsor various types of competitive shoots and may charge a nominal fee for those events. The shoots will be announced via email and/or club website. Sunday morning shotgun shoots at the shotgun range (i.e. The Hollow) are very common. For more information on upcoming shoots, please contact the club Range Officer.

What types of firearms and ammunition are allowed?
The club does not typically limit what type of firearms and ammunition that can be used at the range. Automatic weapons usage is prohibited without express written permission from the HWRGC Executive Board which in turn must coordinate with the Hamilton Police Department for such intended usage. Refer to our club By-Laws for more information and leave your bazookas at home.

Is the club the only organization that uses the former landfill for sporting purposes?
The club shares a section of the former landfill area with another club, the Marsh Rats. HWRGC and the Marsh Rats have combined shooting events from time to time.

Can I bring a guest to the range?
Yes, each member may bring a maximum of one guest at a time to the shooting ranges. Since shooting space is limited, the one-guest rule is necessary in fairness to our other members.

Are there toilet facilities at the range?
The club maintains porta-potties near the Pistol and Rifle ranges and the Shotgun range for your convenience, comfort and luxury.

When are membership meetings held?
General membership meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at the the American Legion, 37 School St. South Hamilton, MA. Refer to our About Us page for more accurate directions to the meeting site.

Do I need a sponsor to join the club?
No, just fill out the membership form and appear before a general meeting of the membership. A check for the initiation fee and dues, etc. will be required at that time. See our Membership page for the application and more information. At the meeting, membership candidates should be prepared to stand and introduce themselves and state their home town and reason for joining (i.e. target practice activities, shotgun shoot competitions, etc.).

Note that new members MUST attend mandatory range orientation (on the weekend after the meeting in which they joined the club) in order to be granted range access. The orientation is fairly brief and once completed, the new member will be given a range key and/or key card to allow unescorted access into the range area and full use of the range facilities. Members that cannot make the required weekend range orientation (due to work or other schedule conflicts, etc.) may work out a mutually acceptable time with the HWRGC officers.

Is the club affiliated with any sporting organizations?
Yes, at a minimum, the club supports the NRA, GOAL (Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League) and the Essex County Sportsmens League. Other organizations may be supported as per the wishes of the HWRG Executive Board and membership.

How much does the club-sponsored firearms training cost?
The training is free for all members in good standing. Guests mays also take the training for a fee which is determined by the firearms trainer.
See our Firearms Training page for more information.

Does the club have any family social events?
Typically, the club will sponsor at least two social events of which family and guests are invited. There is a summer clambake and steak feed which is usually held in the Pistol and Rifle range areas.

The club also holds a combination membership meeting and Christmas party in December of each year. Typically, this is held on the night of regular December membership meeting date, which would be the third Tuesday of the month.

Does the club sponsor any scholarships for higher education?
Yes, the club does have an annual scholarship program. Either one $1,000 or two $500 scholarships will be awarded to students that complete a scholarship application and are chosen by the HWRGC Scholarship Committee. The deadline for submitting the application is May 1st of each year. For more details and the application, click here.