Firearms Safety Training

The Hamilton-Wenham Rod and Gun Club offers a firearms safety course, provided by Mike Pelonzi, our Chief Instructor. The course is designed for anyone, from the beginner just getting his or her firearms license, to the experienced shooter getting their firearms license renewal.

The course is required for anyone who wishes to obtain a Mass License-To-Carry Class A and B, and also for an FID card.

Course content includes handling, loading, unloading, storage and transportation of firearms, as well as state licensing requirements, and much more. Students are encouraged to bring their firearms applications with them. Instruction will be provided as to how to fill them out.

Upon completion of the course, a Massachusetts State Police firearms safety certificate will be provided to each participant.

  Chief Instructor Mike Pelonzi

Mike Pelonzi is an NRA-certified instructor and has been providing firearms training to club members, their families and the general public for a number of years. Mike is the owner of Safety Academy USA and Big Shot Logos in Danvers, Massachusetts.

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